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boom1Illustration of the system eyeing a potential iminent danger to life! Notice the RED Warning lights which will include an audible warning as well!

The Boomerang Shield

Concept Summary

The Boomerang Shield concepts has been crafted for the purpose of saving lives in today’s world, by revolutionizing traditional law enforcement capabilities to a new, sophisticated and secure level and completely eliminate any fear or doubts traditional law enforcers are faced with.

In today’s day and age, a growing number of countries, nations, ideologies and gangs are involved in war, terror and civilized disruption. Traditionally , the solution has been served by adding manpower, force, weapons and resources which rarely achieve a real solution other than disrupting daily activity for millions of innocent people.

The results are poor; innocent people die every day, and in cases where law enforcement are lucky to timely intervene and the subject attacker is confronted and killed, the result is endless public disarrays over police brutality.

The Boomerang Shield is designed to confront and eliminate today’s dangers and has the capabilities to immediately neutralize imminent threats with no loss of life. This will tremendously help law enforcement, local governments, border control and security personnel to maintain ultimate control of their constituent’s security at the highest level at all known trouble spots, at all times.

How does it work??

The patent pending highly intelligent software will work seamlessly in conjunction with the cutting edge futuristic hardware with advanced military precision to:

  • Automatically detect and deter violence in everyday life. i.e. in Bus Stations, Train Platforms or even on street corners.
  • Immediately detect an exposed weapon of any sort.
  • Trigger an alarm when detecting a concealed weapon, using advanced technology.
  • Immediately evaluate the danger level prior to striking, and in the events of ambiguous happenings trigger a live feed to a looped monitoring authority, for direction.
  • Assist the operator at the off-site monitoring authority, to approve the system to eliminate the danger by firing a highly accurate Taser cartridge directly on the attacker, with a single click.
  • Capture and submit recordings of the event, which shall be automatically generated at the sign of any threat, to law enforcement to assist in prosecution.
    Map high sensitive areas and tweak the system to automatically discharge and eliminate attackers at first sign of danger.
  • Work in conjunction with The National Threat Monitor, where an upgraded threat level will automatically operate the system on a higher sensitivity basis.

In the automatic triggering mode, the system will be tuned to differentiate between civilians and law enforcement personnel and would not act as a disturbance to every day law enforcement activity. It will only utilize positive assistance. Law enforcement personnel will have the option to remotely disarm the units in a variety of easy to use methods, each of which can be programmed to best suit the local requirements.

The Difference between Life and Death

In its current form, law enforcement first need to be notified when a threat surfaces; then, be present or waste time rushing to the scene in order to determine if and how to respond or act; multiply that by hundreds of daily threats, and that task becomes logistically impossible.

With The Boomerang Shield, law enforcement suddenly have a helping upper hand, their presence extends to instantly reach where the shield is, they see what the shield sees on the second and can either manually operate the shield to neutralize threats, or, direct the shield to automatically do so.

In the event of a terrorist attack, or even worse, a simultaneous terror attack where law enforcement does not know where and what to first respond to, and can definitely not handle all at once; The Boomerang Shield will already be there, ready prepped and on target to act on a milliseconds notice to neutralize the threat and save lives!

How can you take part?

With an impact of this size to make we need you to help us spread the word to gain public support in your area to allow you local goverment’s support for The Boomerang Sheld to be installed in your area.

Are you a developer who would like to use your skills working on this project? Please contact us to submit your CV.

Would you interested to join our finance group funding this project? Please contact us for more information.

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