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ArchTech or better known as Archstead Technology Ltd was founded in 2011 as a multi purpose technology solution provider, with solutions for hardware, software, web and mobile. Focusing mostly on importing and implementing modern technology from the far-east to the UK and Western Europe.

It was a short time before ArchTech has gained its footing in the then and yet competitive web and mobile development market where its services and solutions were taken as a breath of fresh air by the vast bunch of clients storming through its doors.

By 2012 ArchTech has gone international and had its representatives spanning several continents in the UK, Europe, the USA and ASIA. Numerous projects were started and finished all whilst building its reputation and team to adapt to then and further anticipated growth.

In early 2014 ArchTech has started developing its own in-house products and systems to be exclusively servicing a range of high profile clients in both the hotel and property management industries. ArchTech is to this day involved in developing a larger than ever range of systems to be made available to the public.

In the wake of the Paris Terror Attacks in January 2015, ArchTech has invented its biggest creation yet, The Boomerang Shield a patent pending system that combines cutting edge hardware and weaponry with the very latest of software to put an end to all urban terrorism and violence which are a daily disruption to the peaceful life we cherish.

Given ArchTech’s dramatic success it would be only natural to expect our clientele, team and geographic service reach to expand further making us always on the lookout for fresh talent to add to our team.

ArchTech is also heavily evolved in its on product base of systems for companies in the hotel and property management sector for which we plan over the course of 2016 to make those products available for the public for a rolling monthly fee.

Also planned for 2016 is the beast of our creation, The Boomerang Shield a product we are all immensely proud of, as it is what some say the only REAL solution to modern day urban terrorism and violence that our societies suffer from.

The Boomerang Shield has already achieved countless recognition and popularity achievements to make this a straight drive to success.

Stay tuned from more of all things ArchTech!

What we do best?

As you would expect, we do quite a bit! Here what makes us stand out though!



When you entrust a company with your project, your money and your reputation you could only afford to choose wise! You cannot afford to go cheap! @ArchTech we have years of experience with a large portfolio of successful projects. We cannot afford to let you down!



We all know what TEAM stands for: Together Everyone Acheives More.

Our team is one fine team combining skill, passions and experience with a desire to deliver the best product we possibly could.


Time for games

As a serious bunch we have no time for games…..Well, mostly so! In our line of business we must have some time for games. Keeping up with the odd ever-evolving tech trends and listening to odd ideas on a daily basis. We hear them all and know when it is time to engage and get our act together to create our next masterpiece for YOU!



One the most important qualities a technology developer would need in his arsenal is patience! Most projects that go wrong are driven off track by a lack of patience to see a project through to the finishing line.

Skill aside we have all the patience needed to listen, adapt and finally to deliver the project of your dreams!

Why work with us?

From question's we get asked on a daily basis. Here are some of the most relevant one's: (Unless you wan't to ask about the news? ; - )

We put great effort into our recruitment system. We only recruit the highest, finest and best qualified developers, designers and marketers for the job.

Our staff are all trained to our no-nonsense approach. We focus on what’s important to design, perform and deliver to the best of our clients interest.

Availability and flexibility is where you will find our team once again different from the rest. We strive to make ourselves available to serve the client when it suits best and won’t hide behind schedules formalities. We are here; To serve!

Depending on the scale of the project our proposals would always cover your project in a broad scope to include things you haven’t thought about as of yet.

We include basics such as Logo design, branding, content creation, domain procurement, simple and complex hosting solutions, SSL security encryption, extensive fire-walling and many more…All within the scope of our initial proposal to ensure that you never find yourself lost in a vortex of unplanned expenses to get you business started.

You will get what you agreed and pay for!…Always!!

In the modern world, specifically in the technology development sector companies and enthusiastic sales people promise you the world! We don’t! You receive everything within your scope of your proposal and we will keep to the deadline as well.

Depending on the required project. You will always have two options available. We offer the basic version which is still faster to what our competitors take to deliver a project, we also offer the Express version to get your project live in the shortest time-frame humanly possible.

How can we deliver so fast?

We do that by combining all of our resources together ad get them focused your project exclusively, the team leader divides tasks between design and developing, front and back end to get the team spirit sailing high.

Will the express work quality suffer?

No, it never will!

All of our work is supported for a minimum of 12 months where you will have access to a developer to report any bugs, flaws or security issues for an immediate resolution. We take great pride in our work and so do we in the trust  our clients bestow us with. Never will we let that down!

Clients said

  • I chose to develop my new site by ArchTech as it offers the most attention to detail and in my new business I couldn't afford to go wrong. I was amazed how the ArchTech team had handled my project, everything was smooth and on time with respect to my then very tight budget. When my site was delivered I couldn't belive how well the finish was, I simply love my new webiste, my clients do and so do my friends.I have since reffered many of my friends to ArchTech and they all thank me.

    Simon Snitzer
  • We recently had our brand new webshop delivered from ArchTech, I must say you guys did a great job and blew me way past expectations, I really my site and am glad my customers think the same way; proof of the matter, it is converting really well! Thank you again ArchTech!


Meet the team

Your bones don't break, mine do. That's clear. Your cells react to bacteria and viruses differently than mine. You don't get sick, I do. That's also clear. But for some reason, you and I react the exact same way to water. We swallow it too fast, we choke.

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    Web apps & Media

    Nathan Director

    Nathan has started ArchTech back in 2011. By exercising his immense passion technology on a daily basis he has helped bring ArchTech to where it is now, an orgenisation with numerous global award winning achievements and breakthroughs with hundreds of partners signed up.

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    "I like modern stuff"

    Esther Creative Director

    Esther is our client relations manager and front end designer. In every project we deliver, we ensure that there is a least one significant design touch added by Esther, our clients tell us, it makes all the difference!

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    Deliver or DIE!

    Barry Team Leader

    Barry is our favorite backend developer and as he is the most senior in the team he has been chosen to be the team leader where he works together with the client and the team to ensure smooth and efficiant work flow as well as timley and satisfactory delivery always.

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